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All Tooling is made exclusively by LAKESHORE CARBIDE .com for American Gunsmith Tooling.

A Global Leader In 100% American Made Carbide Tooling.


Established 2005

Lakeshore Carbide is a company devoted to manufacturing and distributing the highest quality USA made carbide end mills at the lowest prices possible.

Before we place an end mill line on our site it must withstand aggressive testing.

Our end-mills continue to outperform our competitors in the machining of tool steels, stainless steels, carbon alloys and aluminum alloys.

Our end mills achieve this due to the use of premium American carbide blanks held to an H6 tolerance, unique geometries, and high quality coatings. 

The end result is a high performance end-mill that delivers solid reliability at a value price.

LakeShore Carbide is working hard to offer our tools at the lowest price possible.

We have no sales reps and use only secure credit card transactions which allows us to pass savings on to our customers.

Let us save you money with not only our prices, but our tooling performance also.
We continue to expand our tool offerings and are proud to be the supplier of choice for our present customers.
We hope you will give us the chance to compete for your business, and lower your tooling costs.