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About Us


We have done extensive research on the Gunsmith Tooling Market. 

Our conclusion is that a number of gunsmith tooling retailers are selling inferior foreign tooling at
100% American Made Tooling Prices.
We like most people have had enough of inferior tooling. Our response is to change Gunsmith Tooling "one n the last year tool at a time" and we have dramatically. We have now brought Gunsmith Tooling into the 21st Century by redesigning, changing geometries and adding AGT's proprietary "ZrN", "F23" and "F64" coatings. If you "Give Us a Try" you will see for yourself how are tooling Outperforms and Outlasts any other tooling on the market.
Our proprietary Gunsmith Tooling " is like nothing you have seen on the market.
AGT is a company dedicated to distributing the highest quality American Made Tooling.
100% USA MADE gunsmith tooling at the lowest prices possible.
You will never have to question the integrity of any product we sell on this site.
The best part is we sell our tooling at or below imported tooling prices.
We have decided not to be in the business of obscene profits,
so we can bring to you the quality and craftsmanship you deserve.

We have no sales reps and use only secure credit card transactions.
Which allows us to pass the savings on to you.

Let us save you money with not only our prices, but our tooling performance also.
We continue to expand our tool offerings and are proud to be the supplier of choice for our present customers. 
We hope you will give us the chance to compete for your business, and lower your tooling costs.