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End Mills And Complete Kits For CNC Milling Firing Pocket & Magwell AR Lower Receivers

The Combination of Our "F23" Coating and
Extended Length 3/8" Rougher and 1/4" Finisher 
Is a "Game Changer"

Before now there has never been extended length end mills rigid enough to efficiently machine the mag well from one side. AGT's new design has overcome that obstacle.
With a simple pilot hole hole through the middle you can now rough and finish from one side with a perfectly smooth finish all the way down to the bottom of mag well. No more flipping the lower on the fixture, No more ugly mismatches and hand blending. Just a finely machined lower that you can be proud of!

AGT's proprietary "F23" coating  for extreme wear resistance and lubricity. "One of a Kind" Coating  that the Gunsmith Industry has Never Seen Before!!