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End Mill - 1/4"- 3 Flute - 3/4" LOC - 4" OAL - ZrN Coated 80% AR15-AR10 Lower Receiver Jig End Mill

2 pack CNC End Mill Kit for Milling the Firing Pocket and Mag Well on AR15/AR10 Lower Receivers

$ 375.99 $ 395.98

AGT's proprietary "F23" coating  for extreme wear resistance and lubricity.

These end mills deliver improved performance and have set a new benchmark for machining the firing pocket and the mag well.
The combination of our extended length 3/8" rougher and 1/4" finisher
Before now there has never been extended length end mills rigid enough
to efficiently machine the mag well from one side.
AGT's new design has overcome that obstacle.
With a simple pilot hole hole through the middle you can now
rough and finish from one side, with a perfectly smooth finish all the way down
to the bottom of mag well. No more flipping the lower on the fixture.
No more ugly mismatches and hand blending.
Just a finely machined lower receiver that you can be proud of!

Complete Kit for Milling AR15 Lower Firing Pocket and Magwell
3/8" Rougher for Magwell
3/8" Finisher for Firing Pocket 

Video of CNC Milling Tools. Showing Feeds and Speeds


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